Crimson Casual cast aluminum tables are handcrafted in the  USA to ensure the highest quality outdoor table available. These tables are manufactured using a permanent mold process, which delivers a higher quality and more detailed casting as compared to a traditional sand casting process. All cast tables ship fully welded and ready to install.

Cast Tables

6640CT     40” Round Dining Table. 29” Height
6640LCT   40” Round Low/Chat Table. 19” Height
6640HCT   40” Rd High Dining/Bar Table. 42” Height
6648CT      48” Round Dining Table Height 29” Height

6650CT 20″x 50″ Oval Cocktail Table. 16″ Height.
6676CT 40″x76″ Oval Dining Table. 29″ Height.

6620CT   20” Round End Table 19” Height

Cast Square Tables

6450CT     20” x 40” Rectangular Cocktail Table. 19” Height
6640LCT   40” x 80” RectangularDining Table. 29” Height

6422CT     22” Square End Table. 19” Height
6440CT     40” Square Dining Table. 28” Height
6440LCT   40” Square Low/Chat Table. 19” Height
6440HCT   40” Sq High Dining/Bar Table. 42” Height

Cast Grande Tables

6720CT     18” Square End Table. 19” Height

6750CT     18″x54” Rectangle Cocktail Table. 19” Height

6736CT       36″ Square Dining Table. 29” Height
6736LCT     36″ Square Low/Chat Table. 20″ Height
6736HCT     36″ Square High Dining/Bar Table. 41″ Height

6754CT     54” Square Dining Table. 29” Height

6790CT     54x90″” Rectangle Dining Table. 29” Height